Welcome to One Autism

UK Autistic raise awareness, create opportunities and empower autism communities.
It's all done without government or national lottery funding, UK Autistic prefer to be self sufficient and answerable only to the beneficiaries we care so much about. We do this for autistic people everywhere, but each of us has our own reason for being involved. Every single person at UK Autistic has a close personal connection to autism and a vested interest in changing things for the better both now and in the future.


Oneautism.org is open to all, we would remind readers that we are not government funded in any way, we raise all of the money used to support our beneficiaries through enterprise, as is the model of our organisation. Unfortunately we have suffered during the lockdown as we have not been able to work at the festivals and in the markets selling our awareness raising products, so we are asking people to support us by buying products here on the website.